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A healthy and flexible industry is the basis for the economic stability of many countries. Health, fitness and flexibility - that is what Deuser from Solingen stands for.

We give rubber for people and machines

In addition to the Deuser tapes known from the sports and fitness sector, Deuser products are used in many different ways in industry. Elastic Beltsrubber ropes and cables, expanders, nets – Deuser Systems connects, tensions, springs and fixes. Our rubber ropes are used in a wide variety of industries.

Starting with fitness and physiotherapy, where the expander with elastic ropes is still produced today under the Deuser Sports label, along with other products. Deuser rubber ropes can also be found in various other industries. Starting with the obvious uses, such as fastening cargo and luggage or stretching posters in the advertising industry, to more hidden applications in the industry. Examples of this are emergency opening ropes in automatic door and gate systems or the routing of cables in extendable arms in robots or cranes.

Technology with 150 years of tradition

Starting with electroplating and now specializing in the manufacture of rubber parts, the Solingen-based company can look back on 150 years of tradition. The basis for the Deuser Expander, which was patented at the time, was laid in 1903 . Extensible rubber ropes replaced the use of conventional steel springs in many places. Today Deuser has more than 20 different standard rubber ropes with diameters from 1.0 to 20.0 mm in many different colors.

If these do not meet the individual requirements of the customer, appropriate samples can be created within a very short time. It goes without saying that customers receive individual advice on the advantages of the different materials and stretch properties of Deuser rubber ropes.

Rubber ropes from German production

The rubber ropes produced in the group's own braiding shop impress with their gentle stretching and almost always have an advantage over steel springs when it comes to weight, economy and safety. Rubber cables are significantly lighter than steel springs, they are quieter, cheaper and do not generate any flying sparks that can occur when metal meets metal.

Due to the proximity to production, both the development time and the delivery time of individually manufactured rubber cables can be reduced to a minimum. This is another advantage over imported goods, especially from outside the EU. Another advantage of the elastic ropes from Deuser is the use of pure natural latex (NR = natural rubber). This ensures that it can be used up to five times longer than the cheap expanders from the hardware store.

Fastening components for rubber cables and tapes

Together with the countless mounting optionsthat Deuser also offers, the company's standard range is incomparably extensive and varied. Depending on the requirements, the rubber products at Deuser Systems can also be precisely tailored to the customer. It is not just about quantity, color, length and diameter, but also about tensile and elongation properties, force curves and the braiding of the rubber cables.

Equipped for highly demanding industrial tasks

Deuser pays attention to superior quality We have set up our own test laboratory for this purpose and are certified according to DIN ES ISO 9001: 2015. Our customers can rely on durable material, the best workmanship and, above all, compliance with standards, guidelines, quality and safety guidelines .

If you are interested in our products and want to know more about the almost limitless application possibilities of rubber ropes and cables from Deuser, then ...

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