Individuality is our Strong Suit!

Our flexible Solutions

We as Deuser GmbH & Co. KG (formerly known as J.G. Karl Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG) are renowned for our individual manufacture of textile solutions . Even more than the standard articles, we are able to provide specifically tailored solutions for various purposes quickly. On demand we also deliver small and smaller batch series. Through the combination of our vast range of elastic ropes and fixationswe are able to engineer your perfect customized textile solution.

We deliver outstanding industrial grade quality - Made in Germany - to several industries . Very durable, best price performance ratio. Our products can not be compared to cheap hardware store rubber cords. Due to our superior qualityour rubber ropes are five times longer operational than cheaper quality cords einsatzfähig.

Development through Dialog

The dialog with our customers is especially important for us. Thanks to our years of experience we are often able to speed up the development process of new products significantly. Additionally, our flexible expertise enables you to deliver the best possible products to your customers.

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