Fixings for rubber cables, rubber ropes and luggage nets made of natural rubber

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If you want to attach something quickly and easily, and at the same time efficiently and flexibly, then rubber ropes, rubber cables or expanders made of natural rubber or synthetically improved rubber threads are the perfect choice. But a rubber rope alone does not provide a hold, because a good fixation is also important.

Protect the elastic band from damage

Attach a rubber cord - that sounds easier than it is. Because the flexible properties for which a rubber rope is valued represent a challenge for the fixation. With increasing force, a rubber band stretches and becomes narrower. For this reason, the fixation should be attached as closely as possible to the rope, but without squeezing the rope. Rubber threads that are too tightly squeezed will begin to tear.

If there is too much friction at the fixation, the braiding can also be damaged, so that the rubber core is exposed and no longer has any protection. In this case, too, the tensile properties of the rubber rope can be negatively influenced and even tear in the end.

Correct hold through correct fastening elements

Deuser systems has not only dealt with rubber bands and ropes for many years, but also with their optimal fastening. We have used our know-how and developed numerous fastening solutions of our own. With them, our rubber ropes achieve a high level of durability, excellent tensile strength and extreme resilience.

Depending on the product and requirement, our range includes various fastening components made of different materials. For example, spiral wire hooks or plastic hooks, cable lugs or cable end sleeves, hooks, eyes, clamps, clips or other fixations that are individually made for our customers.

Our rubber ropes and fastening components secure, fasten, tension, spring and pull in a wide variety of applications.

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