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Für Profis: professionelle Lösungen
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Stormfix: an ingenious, elastic cord.

No storm is too strong for the Stormfix. It is the further development of the conventional Spannfix. Thanks to its high-quality rubber cord, the Stormfix holds the tarpaulin perfectly in place. Changing a tarpaulin is a breeze. The Stormfix can be combined with scaffolding banners, advertising banners, privacy screens and various other facade banners.
More space, less wear and tear thanks to the Stormfix clamp
Thanks to the Stormfix tensioner, you have the option of attaching the advertising banner close to the frame. This gives you more space for the message on the tarpaulin. In addition, the advertising banner hangs very firmly in the frame and the Stormfix wears less because the rubber cord does not rub against each other.

  • Dauerhafte und abriebfeste multicore Gummikordel mit hochfestem Polyestermantel
  • Head ends are made of UV-resistant polyamide reinforced with fiberglass
  • Bolts made of oxidation-free steel - optimal fixation between the rubber cord and head ends
  • Load capacity of more than 100 kg up to 4x stronger than a conventional Spannfix
  • Various common cord diameters are available
  • No corrosion - long-lasting!